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Cover Reveal

Well the title isn't quite set in stone, but the cover is ready to go.  I really like it. I think it does a great job portraying the mood of the book.  I'll let you know the release date as soon I've got the solid date sent!  Have a great weekend!

Happiness Is . . . Lime Popsicles!

Things are taking longer than I planned when it comes to self-publishing. After I made the initial decision in January, things have happened in life that have distracted me some. It can be difficult to work on a project like this when you have other things pulling to get your attention (which actually pay money.)

Right now I have a mock up of the cover. It really fits the mood of the book, and I hope that you all like it. I can't share until it is finalized, but it does have to do with the book. I hope that it is eye catching enough to draw people in on Amazon.

On a totally random note, I was shopping today and I found a bag that had lime popsicles. Growing up my favorite popsicles were lime. My favorite Kool-Aid was lime, and my favorite type of sno-cone was lime. But now that I'm buying all of these things for my kid, I'm sad to say that the lime flavor I love just isn't out there. (Not that my kid's are complaining instead of the standard popsicle bag with four …