Happiness Is . . . Lime Popsicles!

Things are taking longer than I planned when it comes to self-publishing. After I made the initial decision in January, things have happened in life that have distracted me some. It can be difficult to work on a project like this when you have other things pulling to get your attention (which actually pay money.)

Right now I have a mock up of the cover. It really fits the mood of the book, and I hope that you all like it. I can't share until it is finalized, but it does have to do with the book. I hope that it is eye catching enough to draw people in on Amazon.

On a totally random note, I was shopping today and I found a bag that had lime popsicles. Growing up my favorite popsicles were lime. My favorite Kool-Aid was lime, and my favorite type of sno-cone was lime. But now that I'm buying all of these things for my kid, I'm sad to say that the lime flavor I love just isn't out there. (Not that my kid's are complaining instead of the standard popsicle bag with four flavors (red, yellow (banana), grape, and lime or root beer), you can get bags with fifteen flavors with cotton candy, sour apple, watermelon, cherry and strawberry.) You can find a lot of lemon-lime stuff, but it's not as good. I got home and pulled out my lime popsicle and I was happy.

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say that I'm still going forward with publishing and I will keep you updated.



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