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In Honor of Zombie Awareness Month

My new novel Nightfallen, just happens to be a zombie and werewolf novel. I don't want to give too much away, but I never thought I'd write a zombie novel. Werewolves, sure, but zombies, they are icky and way too scary and every time I read a zombie novel I get nightmares. Yet I wrote one. It's the first in a planned trilogy that is carefully mapped out and ready to go. 

I thought in honor of Zombie Awareness month, I'd introduce you all to Lexy. She's an awesome character, who's not afraid to go after what she wants. This is a deleted scene that was going to start the novel. Things changed a bit, but I thought you all might enjoy meeting Lexy for the first time.  Tell me what you think in the comments.

Three men rush me from the corners of the room. My dad stands against the fourth wall watching. I wipe the sweat out of my eyes before spinning and kicking the first of my attackers. I wince at the muffled thud and his groan. The other two don’t slow down, though …