What happens to Dane and Isis?

Dane and Isis still have a lot of problems to solve before they come to the end of their story. The next book will be released towards the end of 2012.

Will there be more books? When are they coming out?

There is a planned trilogy for the Isis series. The second books should come out around sometime in the fall, and the third just after Christmas.

Have you written any other series books?

I have not finished any other series, but I do have several in the process. There are some great characters I’d love you to meet in the future. Right now I’m working on finishing up the adventure with Isis and Dane.

Why did you decide to self publish?

Self-publishing is not the route I originally planned on taking with Isis. However, I feel that the story is great and that a lot of publishers are currently saturated with paranormal and contemporary fantasies. I think a lot of people will enjoy reading about Isis and I hope you agree.

What suggestions do you have for other self-published authors?

Right now I’m just starting out. It is important to have a solid marketing plan, a great story and to take the time to edit, edit and edit your book again. Don’t just finish your book and throw it out there. Isis has been through numerous revisions, a lot of different beta readers and writing groups before I got here. The final picture is very different from the first book I wrote.

Who designed your cover?

My husband Rob has worked at a variety of different jobs throughout his life. He majored in film, and has worked as Photo Shop expert and graphic designer. He also takes awesome photos and videos. I’m lucky enough that he agreed to do the cover for me.


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